This page is basically a collection of the resources that I came across and found useful when I first started learning the language. Okay, I’m still learning the language but it already feels good! You’ll understand once you’ve given it a try ;)

The main reason for learning Esperanto is so that I can earn the designation ‘bilingual’. It has been said that learning a second language is really hard, but if you can speak two languages, then learning a third is relatively straight forward. As Esperanto is so easy to learn, it’s a no brainer for a second language. The fact it’s country neutral, logically designed and has an awesome history is just icing on the cake!

Quick overview of Esperanto

This site is obviously designed for fun judging by the green character Zam who will introduce you to the basics of Esperanto. The site is available at and you will quickly know whether you want to take a closer look at the language.

Awesome introductory course

Okay, this is possibly the best place to start your Esperanto journey.  I’m not exactly sure who wrote it (only a username X is given) but Introduction to Esperanto will have you up and running insanely quickly. It seems to be a combination of the Pimsleur method but in written form. It’s easy, effective and fun!

Downloadable interactive course

Kurso de Esperanto is a really nice interactive course for Windows and Linux. It could use some updating ( looks like a Windows 95 application) but the app works perfectly well and is robust and stable. You can download a copy of the course from my site here or by visiting the author’s site at the above link. I’d recommend doing this course after you’ve done the Introduction to Esperanto.


Lernu! is a great website and packed full of Esperanto learning resources. You’ll find lots of resources there including lists of words, grammar exercises, live chat, forums and much more. It isn’t as straight forward to use as the Introduction to Esperanto course but it’s definitely a site where I’ll be spending a lot of time myself!

Correspondence Course

A helpful person on IRC introduced me to a free correspondance course. It starts with the basics and you have to do some translations to send off to a tutor. I think it’s all well and good that there are completely automated courses and I know they’re convenient - but they can’t replace a human teacher.

So far I handled the exercises pretty well thought I’ve only just started. I’ll update this with more information when I’ve done a few more lessons: