I’m a Chartered IT Professional living, working and studying in Hong Kong. I hold a master’s degree from the University of Liverpool in Information Technology with a specialization in Information Security. I graduated with distinction and received two awards from the university; one for the highest GPA that year and one for the best dissertation (highest grade). My dissertation was on the viability of integrating SMS based two-factor authentication in agent based systems.

I’m currently studying at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University for a PhD under the supervision of Professor Keith Chan as my Chief Supervisor. I am also extremely lucky to have Dr. Yuri Demchenko a leading researcher in the security field from the University of Amsterdam as a co-supervisor.

I have co-authored two books on CentOS (a RHEL like operating system), the Definitive Guide to CentOS and Foundations of CentOS. Both books have been endorsed by the CentOS project, with the Definitive Guide having the unique claim of being the first ever dedicated CentOS book published.

I have also co-authored a book on MongoDB, the Definitive Guide to MongoDB, a fantastic document orientated database system;  Practical Load Balancing, a book on how to build scalable, high performing websites and just recently Learn Raspberry Pi with Linux which brings you up to speed on the Raspberry Pi.

I also performed the technical review for Getting Started with Windows 7 for Friends of ED and the technical review for Windows 7 Made Simple for Apress. I’m currently working on the technical review for Practical Raspberry Pi.

I am the project lead and original author for CakeDB, a database designed for low-latency high throughput writes. CakeDB in its very basic form has been released under the 3-clause BSD license and source code is available from github.

I am a member of the IET, British Computer Society, ACM and IEEE. I also hold ICTTech (one of the first eight in the world - see IET press release) and EngTEch professional registrations with the IET. I also took part in the IET mentoring scheme where I mentored two IVE students through their final year project. I look forward to taking part again this year.

I’ve worked with Linux for nearly 15 years in a production environment and earned my first RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer) in Red Hat 7 at the age of 17. As far as I know I am still the youngest person to have taken and passed the exam. I currently hold four RHCEs with the latest being certified in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. My RHCEs can be verified by clicking here. My RHCE is current.

I have contracted for Red Hat UK for many years and had the privilege to work for Red Hat full time as a consultant for two years where I worked with some of the best and  brightest Linux experts in the industry.  As a consultant I provided consultancy to numerous industries but mostly in the financial, telecommunications and retail sectors with a large number of FTSE100 companies.

I currently work for Eclipse Options, a derivatives trading company in Hong Kong, as a Performance Engineer with a focus on Low Latency trading. The work has introduced me to all facets of derivatives trading and promises to provide interesting challenges for years to come!

I live in Kowloon and unlike many expats (although I don’t really consider myself one) I much prefer it to Hong Kong Island. Kowloon just somehow feels more real and vibrant to me. I share my life with my wife Sarah and my wonderful son Kaydyn who is growing up so fast…