01 January 2014

Happy New Year to all! Admittedly probably only five people will ever read that (ever) but it’s still a nice way to welcome in the new year and see what things are coming up. I’m not making any new years resolutions but there are some things I want to get done this year, namely:

  1. Complete my PhD
  2. Be able to hold a basic Esperanto conversation
  3. Learn some OCaml
  4. Give the ‘Starch Solution’ a try

Complete my PhD

This one really doesn’t need much in the way of explanation. I’ve done a lot of research, various experiments and have a lot of things floating around my head. I just need to get them all down on paper so that I actually end up with a thesis that I can defend. I’m hoping to get this part done in the first 6 months but that might be pushing it. I’m keen to move on to other things of interest (probably more research) but first I need to finish what I’ve started.

I gave a brief talk at Cloudcom ASIA 2013 in December and covered some interesting ideas such as ‘Black Data’ and ‘Zero Day Data’. They were part of the presentation but not written explicitly in the paper so I’ll do a blog post later this week to better explain them.

Esperanto - Hold a conversation

I really need to put more time into this. If I invest even a small bit of time regularily, I should have a lot more luck than I’m having now. No real surprise there then - the more effort put in and the more practice invested, the better pretty much everything will be. I still want to get my head around this language so hopefully I’ll have more success this year…


I’m currently learning OCaml as it has a very interesting mix of features that interest me. It’s high-level enough that I can do scripting work in it, but it is also compiled code so run’s with performance closer to C than to say Python. It supports functional programming and has many of the features that I love using in Erlang, but doesn’t have the strict pureness of Haskell. For me, this combination of features means I can get the best of all worlds. I get to keep high level functional style programming, but get near to C level performance.

What could be better? Well for a start it could be easy to install and get up and running. I’ll post a bit more on that later on…

The Starch Solution

I have to admit, after having read Dr. McDougall’s latest book he’s really got me thinking. He has a lot of good evidence in support of his ideas and although some people have accused him of scaremongering and cherry picking research, you have to admit that with all this evidence, there has to be something - no matter how small - to what he is suggesting.

So, just for fun (and partly because I reckon he might actually be on to something here), I’m going to switch to a starch based diet. I figure that either it will work as advertised in which case I will be very happy, or it will be a nice little detox in which case no harm done there either.

I’ll post more on this later too.

That’s all folks!

Not exactly a huge post to start the new year but I’m going to try to update the blog on a more regular basis. Considering months have gone past previously, I figure that shouldn’t be too hard!

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