03 July 2013

So I kicked off my return to primal yesterday following a three day water fast. I haven’t actually posted about water fasts before because for some reason people think that I am totally crazy. It’s amazing the funny things people come up with. For example one person insisted that if I fasted more than two days I would definitely drop dead. I pointed out that the longest fast I have done to date is 9 days and I only broke the fast out of boredom (stupid thing to do), not out of any particular need. She insisted that I would be dead after three days. So I asked her whether she thought I was lying because clearly I didn’t drop dead (unless I missed something). She still insists that I am telling the truth but that I’d be dead after three days sigh.

Anyway Day One went pretty well. No carb cravings, no real trouble at all. I had some awesome fish for lunch:

Awesome Fish

I also did one of those health checks on Saturday (the start of my fast) which required handing over a fairly large amount of blood. I figure this will give me a baseline that I can compare myself too say three to six months from now after a reasonable time living primally.

Anyway, more to follow later :)

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