02 July 2013

It occurred to me today that the people trying to educate others about the dangers of the SAD (Standard American Diet) diet are often ridiculed and laughed at. These people such as Mark Sisson and Dan McDonald are going against the grain (no pun intended) and extolling a diet that returns to a simpler time (though each has their own idea of what that diet actually is); a diet they say is more appropriate for us. But everyone knows that grains are good for you and everyone knows that if the food we were eating were truly that bad, it wouldn’t be on sale. Right?

Well a few years ago Red Hat did an interesting marketing video for Red Hat Linux. Despite the fact it’s clearly propaganda, it’s really well done and highlights how perceptions have changed over the last century. Statements such as (taken from the video):

  1. A rocket will never leave the Earth’s atmosphere - New York Times (1936)
  2. The radio craze will diet out in time - Thomas Edison (1922)
  3. Everything that can be invented, has been invented - US Patent Commissioner (1899)

And of course:

  1. The Earth is flat
  2. The Earth is the centre of the universe.

And as the video so eloquently puts it: FACT: Until Proven Otherwise

For those interested in seeing the video itself you can check it out here:

The final quote sums it up well and I’d like to say this to all those people trying to share what they know, to the Mark Sissons and Dan McDonalds out there:

First they ignore you

Then they laugh at you

Then they fight you

Then you win

– Mohandas Gandhi


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