29 October 2012

Today is the end of week one of the experiment. I woke up easily at around 7:30 despite not getting to bed until 12:00 (whoops) and it’s likely I’ll have another late night tonight given how much work I have left to.

I grabbed breakfast at the coffee shop where I went to work on my project. I had the bacon and onion quiche (mmmm tasty) but I didn’t eat the suet style pastry. I actually tasted a bit but it just  tasted gooey so I didn’t have any urge to eat the rest. I took a double espresso rather than the house coffee but it wasn’t really very good. Compared to what I had from 18 grams, it was literally night and day - and Pacific Coffee wasn’t the winner.

I didn’t eat anything for lunch as I didn’t feel very hungry. I met up with the rest of my family for half an hour or so of fun in the park (lots of sun so plenty of vitamin D) and got a bit of a work out running up and down (not to mention under) various climbing frames.

After we got home we chilled for a bit (some addictive but simple iPad games) before I got back to work on my project. So far I have only eaten a few nuts since breakfast and I am admittedly starting to get a bit peckish but not overly so. I’ll wait and see whether or not I have dinner, but no big deal if not.

Will update this post later…

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