28 October 2012

This delicious food comes courtesy of Mark Sisson’s blog. I’ve had my eye on it for a couple of days and finally had some time (well, I made some time) to get the ingredients and give it a go. I won’t go into the details because it’s all on Mark’s blog but basically I started off with some cherry tomatos and some chopped garlic:

Cherry Tomatos

Chopped Garlic

As per instructions, they were suitably mixed and covered with butter:

Covered in Butter

After roasting for about 45 minutes you get something that looks like this (sadly I didn’t have my proper camera so despite a couple goes, it still came out looking blurred):

Then it’s into the blender:

And yes, it does blend - and it smells even better!

And now we throw in the butter and go for round two:

At this point I gave it a taste - and it’s pretty much as awesome as I’d hoped. It tastes like garlicy-tomato but it is oh so buttery. Not really surprising when you think about it but this stuff is very dangerous - you could so easily sit down and eat a pot of this!

Before that could happen I poured it into a pot and put it back in the fridge to set:

The plan is to try it out tonight on some steak and vegetables. Whatever else it might be, the primal diet is certainly not deprived of delicious food! Can’t wait to try it out!

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