28 October 2012

Day 6 went well and I’m now 10% of the way through the experiment. Not exactly a huge impact I know but hey, every little counts when you’re at the sharp pointy end. So far I can’t say it has been terribly difficult. I think the biggest problem is really knowing what you can and can’t eat on primal. Some things that seem like they should be okay might not be and vice versa.

I did make the tomato garlic butter today which really tastes as good as it sounds. I tried adding some on top of a steak and some veggies, and it just melted all over. Very good flavour and definitely very different from plain or garlic butter. If nothing else this experiment has gotten me into the kitchen and actually making things which in itself really can’t be a bad thing!

I enjoyed breakfast with my wife and friend at a local coffee shop. The only two dishes I could really eat were either the duck breast salad or an omelette which came with toast. I traded out the toast for a sausage and all was well with the world (I’d had the duck before). For the drink I just had  hot green tea but in all honesty it wasn’t that great. I’m pretty sure it was some weird powder mixed with hot water.

I then headed over to Pacific Coffee where I had a coffee and as I was still a little hungry, I decided to order the bacon and onion quiche. I didn’t eat the pastry and the quiche still tasted great, so I even managed to dodge that bullet. The coffee was black of course, and was from a pre-brewed pot. Not exactly awesome but better than what I had from Starbucks.

For lunch I had some more salmon (a shop nearby sells it) and as I was making the tomato garlic butter I managed to eat quite a few of the tomatos whilst I was at it. I didn’t need them all for the butter so instead I start chomping on those. On the one hand that’s bad because I shouldn’t be snacking when I’m not really hungry but on the other, I was enjoying them rather than some chocolate or sweet snack - so it could certainly have been worse.

Dinner was a piece of steak with a dollap of the freshly chilled butter. I also had a bowl of veggies (carrots mostly) and some Chinese greens. I think I overdid it today food wise and I felt a bit of the snacking creeping back in. Apart from Day 2 where I didn’t really eat anything all day, this is the first time I’ve been home during the experiment and so maybe that’s why I’m having a harder time controlling the snacking. I’ll have to see how things go tomorrow.

One thing that might throw in a little wrinkle is that I’ll need to be up a bit later tonight to work on a project for my PhD studies. True I should be heading to bed at 10:30, but needs must, and I doubt this will have much of an impact on things. I guess I’ll find out when I wake up tomorrow…

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