27 October 2012

Decided to skip the protein shake today as I fancied something from Tai Hing. They have a very tasty breakfast which has two pieces of spam (not quite primal but I like it and for some reason people in HK think it’s a delicacy), scrambled egg, a piece of something green (usually choi sum) and some instant noodle. All of this is in a probably not so healthy soup base, but it tastes like chicken (not that I’ve seen any chickens).

Of course I didn’t eat the noodle but by then I wasn’t hungry anyway. For the drink that came with the set I went for iced lemon tea having not learned my lesson from the Thai restaurant (and having to get something to drink - they can’t understand why you wouldn’t want the free drink) and all was well.

I didn’t remember to take my usual handfuls of nuts, which turned out not to be too much of a problem. I managed to restrain myself from eating my desk (although in reality I was only peckish and didn’t really notice it).

I had lunch with a friend who was providing me with some very nice coffee (which smells the part too - my rucksack smells like a coffee shop) and we grabbed lunch in Central. He’d forgotten that I wasn’t supposed to eat much in the way of carbs and I had forgotten to remind him and so we ended up at a Japanese noodle restaurant. I’m glad we did because I was able to find some reasonably primal approved foods (avacado and prawn salad and a pork burger with poached egg on top) which were very tasty and left me nicely sated.

The plan had been that as I had missed my appointment with the park, I would walk back to work. This failed for a number of reasons (although had a humorous point when I found a rather charming notice) mostly due to Central being full of dead ends, huge roads you can’t cross and magical overpasses that stretch to the horizon. If you know your route you’re fine, but Central is quite a distance from Causeway Bay and I would have been pushing my luck getting back to my desk within a reasonable time even if I had a precise route to follow. So I gave up with that and took the MTR instead although having farted about trying to find a decent route back I had spent about 20 minutes walking anyway so it’s not all bad.

Thinks started sliding in the afternoon though as around 4pm I started yawning my head off. I wasn’t feeling especially tired but definitely couldn’t stop. That’s when I decided to go and get a double espresso (more details on my coffee enlightenment here) but that didn’t really help all that much. It gave me a boost but I can’t say it stopped be yawning.

I left work on time as I needed to find a flask for the coffee. This I did but as I wanted a small flask (and was feeling cheap at the time) I’ve ended up with a nice flowery purple flask. Lovely. Still it will keep my coffee secure which is the whole point and quite frankly I don’t care what people think of my flask - it’s for storing coffee, big deal :)

I also picked up some fish for dinner ( good old salmon ) which I ate when I got home. I then cooked the beef that I should have cooked a couple of days ago when I wanted to try out the espresso and chilli beef strips from the cookbook. It didn’t go quite as planned and while it isn’t exactly vile, it’s not something I’d choose to eat - too much espresso and the chilli was too mild. Whoops.

As I was still yawning I headed to bed around 8pm where I slept soundly before waking at  00:30. I tried to get back to sleep but no dice - now that I was awake, that would be it for now. So I decided I might as well wake myself up and go for a full reset. I’m still bloody yawning and I’ll head back to bed soon but I figured I might as well bash this post out.

My only regret from today is not taking a photo of lunch. It was kinda rushed as we were waiting ages for a seat and there was a huge queue outside the whole time. It also arrived in separate parts which didn’t help. Still it was a great example of being able to eat reasonably primally even in a restaurant dedicated to non-primal foods.

Right, let’s see if I can get back to sleep…

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