27 October 2012

Vibram Five Fingers are some pretty awesome looking shoes. They’re basically gloves for your feet and while there used to be two basic versions (one was light weight and one was light weight with a covering to keep debris out) there are now quite a selection to choose from. Here’s a shot from the Vibram website:

Apparently my toes are “funny” because I can’t wear these - my toes just don’t reach to the ends. I’d still like to go bare foot though and so I started hunting for another option and came across these:

They have a minimal 2mm sole made by Vibram (same people that make the five fingers) and use lightweight materials. I’ve decided to get my hands on a pair of these and you can find them at the Soft Star Shoes website.

When I’ve got them and had a chance to try them out, I’ll post a review / update. I’m looking forward to giving them a try though :)

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