26 October 2012

I’ve never been a big fan of black coffee. I like the coffee that has a pint of full fat milk and lots and lots of sugary insulin spiking syrup. Yummy! Only it’s not primal approved and considering the contents, that’s not entirely surprising. A large cup of sugar infused coffee has a good four squirts of that syrup which let’s be honest is basically pure HFCS (High Fructor Corn Syrup) and that is a Bad Thing (tm).

So now that I’m on the primal diet I have started exploring other ways of drinking coffee. I’m trying to cut back on dairy (though I’m not really going out of my way to avoid it as such) and I can’t eat sugar (or at least I shouldn’t be) and so I’m left with this:

Actually the coffee from 18 grams is the best I’ve found in the area (although admittedly I’ve not looked all that far). If you compare it to Starbucks or the in office coffee maker, it’s definitely a clear win. I should point out that once you add milk and sugar, you really can’t taste the difference really, it’s just when you drink it black.

It’s also fairly expensive at $30 per cup so I want something that gives me good coffee but also doesn’t impact the pocket so much. Fortunately the same friend who describes the taste of a of well known brand of coffee “burnt ass” (he’s right by the way) was kind enough to get me a Mokka Pot:

Now this genius little device has been around since the 1930’s and makes espresso coffee on the gas cooker. Although I recognised the shape I had no idea what it was for or how it worked. If you are similarly educationally challenged check out the Moka Pot wikipedia page. Long story short it makes espresso-like coffee and it is good. Here’s what it looks like after a quick brewing session:

And of course the final result:

Tomorrow I’ll be picking up some really good coffee from my friend and I’ll be investing in a nice thermos to transport my coffee to work. Not only should that save some cash but it also means I get to control the quality of the coffee which sounds like a great idea!

I’ve also got some coconut cream left over from the snacks I made earlier in the week so I’m going to mix that with the coffee for breakfast and see how it goes…

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