26 October 2012

Started yawning so decided it was time for a caffeine boost and just for fun I decided to try a double espresso. The problem with the Moka Pot is that it creates cups of espresso rather than cups of coffee. If you ask for a “long black” in a coffee shop, you’ll get a shot of espresso topped up with hot water. This gives you a nice  black coffee but it weakens the test and I’ve been told that watering down coffee is a bad idea.

Having just drunk the double espresso and had a caffeine hit almost immediately (not to mention I have just discovered that coffee has an oily texture) I am tending to agree.

Anyway here’s what it looks like for the bored / curious:

Now as this actually seems to taste pretty good, I might just make my four (espresso) cups of coffee in the morning and sip that throughout the day rather than adding hot water to extend it.

As per the primal blueprint I’m not drinking the coffee for energy although admittedly I was yawning, but I’m really trying to re-align my taste buds. If I decide to have coffee but I can drink it black, then even if all else fails, it will still save me a lot of calories and hopefully improve my health. Hell, it can’t be worse right?

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