25 October 2012

Another day gone by and well, again so far so good. No cheating yet :)

For breakfast I went with a protein drink. Not strictly primal, but it is filling, or at least it stopped my feeling hungry.

Lunch was more interesting though. Turns out I probably should have avoided the miso option (considering it is made from rice or other unapproved things) but as it’s just a slight coating (and I didn’t think to check until I’d eaten most of it) I decided to eat it the lot. The salmon went really well with the egg plant side salad though:

This kept me going until I started getting peckish again around 7pm. I must admit that I did munch on the walnuts and macademia’s but I only brought a handful of each from home to last the day - so that shouldn’t have much impact. Dinner was just a summer salad (bit of everything really) and filled me up until I headed off for bed at 10:30.

So far I have to say that my energy levels are good and stable My joints feel much better. It’s not like I felt like tin man before but I do feel that I can move about more easily and with less effort. No real cravings either, and I’ve been able to turn down foods that I’d normally eat or drink on a regular basis.

Still it’s only Day 4 of 60, so we’re not there yet…

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