25 October 2012

Day three started off pretty well despite the strange sleeping pattern. I originally woke up pretty alert as what about to get up when I realised it was only 3am. Not good. Getting back to sleep was problematic at best (probably because I was easily able to get up previously) and so when the time came to actually get up, it wasn’t with as much ease as I’d experienced earlier.

Breakfast was the salmon I’d bought for dinner yesterday but didn’t feel the need to eat. It ended up keeping me going until around 11am. I’ve been stuck with a low level headache all day which isn’t shifting. If I still have it tomorrow I’ll try some pain killers, but I suspect it’s just what happens when you go from high levels of sugar and caffeine to almost none.

Lunch was delicious Thai with my wife. I had the sausage and coconut spicy soup, but I asked them to leave the rice. This was quite a challenge because rice soaked in that sauce is very very nice… I also had iced lemon tea without the gloop normally added to it. Needless to say it tastes somewhat different - pretty much like drinking vinegar really.

After that a quick stroll around the park to get the blood pumping and then back to work. The rest of the nuts kept me going throughout the afternoon and I’m trying to train myself not to unconsciously pick at them but it’s quite a challenge really.

Dinner was a nice beef and brocoli salad which is not something I’ve ever seen before but it turned out to be really nice. The sauce wasn’t ideal so next time I’ll try something else. I finished off with one of the tasty snack balls and that was it for the day.

No problems heading for sleep on time and pretty much slept through waking only once to check my watch and seeing that it was 4am…

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