24 October 2012

I should have been more careful picking titles - I’m already running out of ideas and it’s only day two…

Today was a holiday in Hong Kong so we spent most of it relaxing. Well, as much relaxing as you can do with a three year old who seems to be running off his own little nuclear fuel cell.

As I woke up at 11am, I didn’t get around to breakfast but I wasn’t all that hungry. I got a bit peckish around 1pm and munched on some macademia nuts and almonds. We spent a good hour at the park absorbing the sun and we got some pretty good exercise in.

After that I decided to visit the supermark to get some ingredients for some primal food. Didn’t go all that well as I wanted to do the mushroom dish only they didn’t have any portabello mushrooms - so that was pretty much that. I did get enough ingredients to make some blueberry protein nut balls and although I did taste a couple (they are very nice even if I do say so myself), I didn’t really feel hungry or the need to eat more.

So yesterday I basically had water and a few handfuls of nuts and I wasn’t hungry. Please note, I was not starving myself or trying to hold back the urge to eat the fridge - I really had no desire to eat anything - and so I didn’t.

I woke up fully refreshed and ready to go - just sadly it was 3am. I did get back to sleep but it wasn’t all that great and I got up around 6:30. As it happens getting up was a lot easier than usual but not exactly bursting with energy.

Still, not too bad all things considered. I wouldn’t say I’m feeling awesome but I’m far from feeling crappy (mild headache non withstanding).

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