22 October 2012

Day one went pretty well all things considered. In retrospect stopping at Starbucks for breakfast was a bad idea - the salad had been there at least two days and the coffee wasn’t so much as coffee but “burnt ass” as my friend puts it. You can’t tell that when you have a super sized latte with extra syrupt, but when you drink it raw… well, it’s quite something!

The chicken in the salad was okay, and I didn’t really get peckish again until nearer lunch time. The supplements I’d ordered turned up and being the generous sort, they gave me a free tea bag. Clearly they’re pushing out the boat on this one, but what hell, I’ll enjoy it. Alas it was not meant to be:

The tea did smell nice and apparently the fly thought so too. I wonder what it thought when it landed in 98C water.

I grabbed a salmon salad for lunch which was pretty good and had only a handful of nuts throughout the afternoon. I didn’t get to walk around the park, instead I visited Toys r Us to get some presents for my son. It’s a fair old trek actually and it did involve a good 20+ minutes with direction exposure to the sun so I guess that will help the old vitamin D levels.

I had some salmon for dinner and took an early (well for me) night at 10:30. I still woke up at nearly 11:00am but I’m putting that down to the huge sleep deficit that I’d been building up over the past couple of weeks.

Oh and I also emptied this from my fridge although I couldn’t quite bring myself to throw them out yet:

So far so good…

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