10 April 2012

One of the courses I recommend on my site is:


It only has five short lessons but it really is amazing how much is packed into such a small space. You can complete the course in about an hour or so but you will learn many of the key concepts of Esperanto and more importantly be able to use them.

For me, this was my second time through. I haven’t touched Esperanto for quite some time and so I was curious as to how much I would actually remember. It turns out that I didn’t remember a huge amount but almost everything I did was familiar, kinda like a song you used to know as a kid, that sort of thing. This meant that while I was having to pick up the words again, the concepts were well known to me so it was like putting on a pair of comfortable old shoes. The skill was lost but not quite forgotten.

I’ll probably go through the lessons again today quickly, just to solidify my understanding (or at least double check it) and then go back to Kurso de Esperanto. I wish there was a more modern version as this one only runs on Windows… Maybe something to look at in the future? :)

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