04 April 2012

Although I haven’t touched it in months, I still think Esperanto will help me learn Chinese. I was doing quite well and then life got very busy and I lost track of it. It’s a pity really as I think I was doing quite well. Not amazingly well admittedly but better than I’d been doing at Chinese, and my brain was also getting to the point where it might finally accept that it was capable of using a language other than English.

So, now that I’ve cleared a huge amount of my backlog, I’m going to try the Esperanto course again and see how far I can get this time. Hopefully I will break through Lesson 5 (it seems to catch a lot of people) and actually get to the point where I can use it.

The correspondance course is really good and I have an excellent tutor. If you’re interested in signing up, you can find the course at http://pacujo.net/esperanto/course/. As before I’ll try and post updates after I get feedback from each lesson. Previously I was getting one done every day, but let’s see how it goes…

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