26 September 2011

I ordered a NetFPGA on Friday evening Hong Kong time. The website said that they’d ship the same day for orders received by 12pm their time so I figured that I should be okay. However come Saturday I hadn’t had any email notifications or anything like that so I was thinking that maybe it hadn’t made it after all.

Sunday morning I wrote an email asking if everything was okay. I’m using the board for academic purposes which has a much lower price tag. I was wondering if they were having trouble confirming my academic status or something like that. I even provided some links to my university’s website where they could check me out.

However, the NetFPGA just turned up. Needless to say I am suitably impressed. I had hoped it would have been shipped on Friday but I had no idea it would arrive here so fast. Needless to say when it is time to order the next version I will be buying from them!

Their website is http://www.digilentinc.com/

Right, now to check out my new toy ;)

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