25 September 2011

Okay, it hasn’t quite been a week yet but I have slipped up on my flash cards the past few days. The thing is, I normally use them when I’m travelling to and from work and with it being the weekend I just haven’t had the opportunity… or at least I haven’t been standing around bored with nothing better to do ;)

That sounds a bit harsh and like I am looking for an excuse but this is a problem for everyone I think. They say tomorrow never comes and they’re right - it never does. It’s easy to put things off and say that you’ll do them later but if you keep doing that they’ll never get done. Yes that sounds obvious and yes everyone knows it. So why do many people still fall into the same trap?

I will be attempting Lesson 6 today. I haven’t really moved forward since last week although amazingly I haven’t forgotten anything either. This is actually quite a surprise because I am effectively learning in my spare time and even with a lot of effort language doesn’t usually stick…

I am tempted to get my head back into Cantonese but I fear that if I do that, I’ll lose the Esperanto. Yes, the Esperanto was originally a means to an end but now it’s a bit more than that. It’s something I want to do to prove to myself (and others) that I can learn a language. It’s the confidence and sense of achievement that I want to take away from this and quite frankly, I don’t have the time to learn two languages, work full time, study full time, finishing writing a book and trying to spend the amount of time with my son that he deserves.

Anyway, time to get back to it. I will win this particular battle if it kills me :)

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