22 September 2011

So far the majority of my PhD study has been attending classes and building up the necessary credits to be able to submit my thesis. I have yet to finalize my PhD proposal and I also need to have that done and defended by this time next year. It seems quite a long of time but in reality, it’s nowhere near as distant as it might first appear.

As I mentioned in an earlier post I am studying Internet Information Retrieval and Computer Architecture this semester. A lot of the ideas that we’re learning are pretty cool but I’m not sure if I have a total mastery of them - and that is what I really need. So to help with this I’m going to make a few posts based on what I think the key take away ideas are for the lectures I attend. I won’t be re-using any university material, just giving an overview and some worked examples.

Like many before me I’ve found the best way to make sure you really know a topic is not only to be able to use it but to be able to explain it. I’ve got some great teachers but there is only so much they can do. By teaching it myself (assuming anybody bothers to read it of course!), it will hopefully help cement the concepts in my mind.

Look out for two new posts, one will be on two’s complement and the other on converting between different bases. Both of these topics are key to computer architecture and they’re really not as hard as they sound. Once you’ve got the basics and know the procedure, it’s really easy to use. Honest ;)

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