22 September 2011

I haven’t had as much time in the last couple of days to really focus on learning Esperanto. Yesterday though I did send an email completely in Esperanto and although I screwed up a bit of the grammar, the content was perfectly understandable. For a few hours work (actually studying the language, not writing the email) this is pretty impressive.

Of course I’m still deciphering the reply! I’m able to get the gist of the message quite easily which just goes to show how little of a language you really need to understand to begin to communicate. I wonder actually, how many words I understood from the email… one second…

Okay, so there were roughly 68 words in the email of which I understand 37. That means I only know 54% or so of the words. There are some bits I’m not sure about of course and a few moments with a dictionary will greatly increase that amount. But I got the general idea and I can always come back and study the email to make a more complete translation.

Am I missing something important? Well to be honest I don’t know. I hope not but as I don’t know the words it would be hard to be sure. The surrounding language at least doesn’t seem to contain anything scary, there’s no !!!! half way through the text so I think I’m probably on safe ground. Of course if I were speaking face to face, all of this confusion could be easily handled either by repeating or changing the words or alternatively lots of vibrant hand gestures. Where there’s a will there’s a way ;)

Anyway I’m getting pretty hot on the correlatives now. I’ve not actually got to the point where I’m comfortable enough to actually use them, but I am fairly confident that I can graduate from Lesson 5. There are still some rough spots I think but I know the basic ones and I think I know enough of the initials and finals now to make a decent guess for anything more complicated.

Now I just have to learn prepossessions - bring it on!

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