20 September 2011

Well, for me at least, flash cards and correlatives just do not work. Seriously, I’ve looked at the damned things countless times and still, nothing sticks in my head. The words are just too different and don’t have anything in them that makes them easy to tag. I can honestly say I understand why people give up at this point especially as Esperanto had provided a relatively easy ride up until now.

So, because I cannot give up I needed something new, something that would help me remember these things. I tried just memorising the initials and finals but that was a no go. As I mentioned earlier, I believe this is most useful after you’ve learned the words themselves as it acts as an extra check. For now I would be simply happy with knowing the basic words and then learning the components themselves.

Good plan, but how to do it? Time for a little creative visualization! I decided to focus on the ending rather than the whole word so that at least I’d get a head start on learning the initials and finals separately. Anyway, here’s what I came up with to remember the word for how (kiel).

This word ends in el which reminds me of a friend I had at school who was known as El Boy. I was in his maths class and the guy was a freaking genius. I on the other hand am not so good at maths. Somewhat less than stellar. Not quite orbital… more subterranean in fact. I sucked at it. I would read the question. Wait a few seconds for the words to at least pretend to form English sentences… Squint at the words, then simply scream “What the hell!” which coincidentally also ends in el. So now when I see kiel, I see it ends in EL which reminds me of what the hell, a most favored expression before asking EL boy how the hell I was supposed to solve it.

That little scenario sounds pretty strange and convoluted when I write it out but for me, that memory is instantly accessible and available in all its former (cries) glory. You won’t be able to use my scenario (unless you find it so funny or insane that it actually does stick for you) so just come up with something that you already have floating around your head ;)

Anyway, give it a go and see if it helps. Once you have the basic image in your head, then you can use the flash cards to fix it there. After a while (it doesn’t take long actually) you will no longer need the support image and the word will be properly fixed in your memory :)

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