14 September 2011

I received my feedback from lesson two of the correspondence course. I have to say that I am finding the course most enjoyable and it has some really tangible benefits that I would like to cover.

I know many people are immediately pointed to lernu.net when they start thinking about Esperanto but I encourage everyone to give this correspondence course a try. You can find the link on my Esperanto resources page.

Why do I think it’s better?

Well for one thing you get to work with a real person one on one who has a passion for the language. How do you know they’re passionate? Well, why else would they be willing to spend time - for free - helping people like me learn the language? My own tutor whose name I won’t mention as I’m not sure that’s the “done thing” has been absolutely awesome. Admittedly it helps that we have some interests in common, but I think that’s just an added bonus.

Another key benefit is that you have this person putting in the effort and you really don’t want to disappoint them. If you leave Kurso de Esperanto alone for a few days, no one is going to know or care. It’s not as easy to suddenly stop talking to your tutor after they’ve already invested so much time in helping you.

Feedback is vitally important and this course provides it. Of course I’m not suggesting that other courses or sites don’t do this, but sometimes you can’t beat the good old fashioned one to one exchange. The feedback I’ve had so far has really made me think and try to understand what I’m doing wrong. This is truly invaluable for me.

It’s also just plain nice to have someone you can talk to who wants to use Esperanto as much as you do. The human element cannot be overstated. After all, who learns a language just for the sake of the language? Languages are just a way to communicate and exchange ideas and feelings.

We can’t do any of that with a computer program…

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