13 September 2011

My Galaxy S was driving me slightly mad. So mad it was starting to give me a facial tick and make me involuntarily shudder every time someone mentioned it. When a phone can make you cringe just by receiving an SMS you know you’re in trouble.

See, my phone was evil. It would randomly stall for a few seconds for no apparent reason. Sometimes it would come back to life, other times not. Sometimes it would lag for just a second or two but sometimes it could take ten or more seconds. It would usually come back to life just after you’d given up and started to turn it off…

iPhone 4

I originally solved the problem by upgrading / downgrading (depending on your point of view) to the iPhone 4. It’s actually a really nice phone. It’s nippy, responsive and has a really polished feel to it.

Unfortunately my son decided to decimate his grandmother’s original iPhone. As she writes mostly in Chinese, going from Apple’s awesome Chinese input method to a circa-1990 Nokia 9 pad keyboard, was an extremely frustrating experience for her. So I handed over my iPhone 4 and willing went back to the Samsung.

Back in the frying pan

It started off okay and I flashed it to the latest Android release, but compared to the iPhone it felt even more sluggish and depressing. Moving from Google chat to the browser and back again was painful. It only took it a second or two each time but when you’re reading an article and replying to people’s messages at the same time it’s enough to really ruin your mood.

Then it starting freezing at random intervals and just generally be annoying. I put up with it for about three months but as I said before it just really wasn’t comparable to the iPhone 4 in terms of responsiveness or polish. The polish I could live without, but the constant freezing and slow response times just sucked.

Galaxy SII

Now, considering the Galaxy S is the phone driving me mad you’d think that I would avoid another Samsung phone, especially the next one up from the model I already have. However after looking through various reviews and checking out the specs, sadly it seemed the the Galaxy SII was quite literally one of the bet phones out there.

Remember, it’s not the phone itself that’s so annoying, it’s just the speed and responsiveness. The Galaxy SII has a dual core CPU, twice the memory of the Galaxy S (The SII has 1GB) and a couple hundred megahertz added to each core. And it makes a difference; boy does it make a difference!

Night and Day

The Galaxy SII is so much more responsive than the Galaxy S it’s scary. Apps switch almost instantly and browsing the web is far more responsive. The browsing experience is certainly on par with iPhone’s safari. Also I’ve noticed its data connection appears faster. Indeed it has H+ rather than H, so I assume it’s using Vodafone’s newly upgraded network. I haven’t gotten around to actually researching this as to be honest H was pretty fast anyway.

Still, this phone is like the Galaxy S on steroids. If you liked the Galaxy S but the performance made you want to jump off a high building, seriously check out the SII. I think you will be happily surprised…

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