12 September 2011

Okay, this lesson is taking a bit more time mostly because it adds a lot more vocabulary. I think after this lesson I’m going to need to go back through the previous lessons and write out the vocab. So far I can read what I’ve been learning pretty well but I doubt I could write it. For example the following is something I posted to Twitter a couple of days ago:

mmmm mi trinkas kofe - mi bezonas mian kafeinon! ;)

Now I can read this quite easily and (now) I can just about write it from scratch. However it’s not quite “there” yet. I can’t say or think it as easily as I can in English. Again this is hardly surprising but it does lead to a problem.

You can very quickly move through this course without really learning all the vocab, or at least that’s how it seems so far. I suspect I can go back through any of the lessons and understand the sentences and answer the exercises no problem. The issue is, recognising and being able to understand it is not the same as knowing it.

That’s why I need to be careful - I need to make sure I’m actually really learning the language. Sure it’s cool to be able to read it but ultimately that would be somewhat pointless if I can read a statement but not know how to reply even though I could read the reply should someone else write it…

Other than that, so far so good :)

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