10 September 2011

Well as you can probably guess from the title I’m on lesson three of Kurso de Esperanto. It’s the interactive ‘tests’ that really stretch what’s left of my brain. At this level, you need to be able to tell what suffixes a word should have and whether or not it should have a ‘j’ suffix (plural) or whether you need to mark it as an object with the ‘n’ suffix. Sometimes you need both.

This is unsurprisingly a bit difficult when you first give it a try. As English doesn’t have these ‘features’ it’s completely new (at least to me) and so don’t expect to get a perfect score. I was able to pass with about 80% or so which I’m pretty happy about.

I’m really impressed with this program so far. It keeps you engaged and keeps you striving for a higher score. All the time you’re seeing those new words and they start to seep in. The only bad thing I can think of is that when the sentence is shown, you get a ‘jes’ or ‘ne’ when you get it right or wrong, but you never actually hear the full sentence. This is a pity as it is a missed chance to get some more listening practice.

Mi pensas Esperanto estas facila lerni! Mi ŝatas studas ĝi :)

Now, as to whether that’s correct I’m really not sure - but I just wrote it at the same speed I write in English (apart from the time taken to sort the ĝ and ŝ of course). I’ll look back at this post in the future and probably cringe, but mistakes need to be made :)

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