09 September 2011

Okay, I’ve been playing with Esperanto for just an hour or so. Maybe two hours if you take into account flipping through websites trying to find more information. The course I’m using is called Kurso de Esperanto and I’ve got a local copy of it hosted here just in case.

First of all, I’m amazed at how much I actually understand. I can read a sentence and get the meaning quite easily in many cases. That is honestly pretty cool before I go any further. However the best bit is, the content is sticking. I’m actually remembering stuff and what’s more damning, I can actually use it!

Verbs for example have a specific form. The imperative always has an ‘i’ suffix. For example the word to be in Esperanto is ‘esti’. To add tense to this, you just need to add one of the following suffixes - for example:

Word Suffix Meaning









will be

Now as this is literally brand new to me I might have got this totally wrong. However the beauty of the system is that all verbs work in the same way. One rule to bind them all! Okay, that was considerably more geeky than I’d intended.

In short, I’ve had to work really hard to get any Cantonese or Mandarin to stick and yet so far Esperanto has just clicked. It never occurred to me I could pick up any language natural or otherwise this fast. If Esperanto can help me learn Chinese at this speed, that would be awesome!

Stay tuned…

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