16 February 2011

Next Monday I will be taking part in a webinar to talk about the benefits of the University’s “Bring a Friend” programme. If you’re interested in studying with the University of Liverpool or finding out how you can take part or benefit from the Bring a Friend programme, please do join the webinar!

Here are the details:

Bring a Friend Webinar

Join us next Monday February 21, for our Online Information Session to hear about the University of Liverpool’s referral incentive programme - Bring a Friend.

Our panel will be joined by our keynote speaker: Peter Membrey, an MSc Alumnus who graduated in 2010 with distinction and who earned the best student award and the best dissertation award.

Date:        Monday, 21 February

Time:       15:00 GMT+1

Attendee link :


You can post questions throughout the session and receive immediate feedback while our keynote speaker and moderator discuss:

  • The University of Liverpool incentive referral programme

  • The personal experience of our guest speaker

  • How you can benefit from being referred onto an online programme

  • How the person that referred you can benefit

  • The referral process - how does it work?

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