20 October 2010

After nearly two months of waiting for the results, I had a call from my Student Support Manager to let me know my results. Although I had worked really hard during the course I’m the sort of person who likes to see things in black and white before taking it to heart. So although I had some hopes for my results, I wasn’t 100% confident.

Turns out though that I needn’t have worried - the Board of Examiners decided that I should receive the masters degree with distinction. This was great news and really what I was hoping for, but apparently they weren’t finished yet - I had also one a couple of awards.

Until this point, I didn’t even know that any such awards existed so being told I had earned one was quite a surprise but two? It turns out that I won the award for “Best Student” and also for “Best Dissertation” - not bad for someone who doesn’t hold a bachelors degree!

I will now be able to pass these results to the Research Office at the Hong Kong Polytechnic. Hopefully I will be able to complete my enrollment and start on my PhD….

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